Will Washington D.C. Legalize Marijuana

Will Washington D.C. Legalize Marijuana

According to reports there is a plan In place to legalize marijuana In D.C. The plan is not for marijuana sales, But to stop the growing problem of marijuana related arrest. This plan  would make it legal to have small amount of marijuana, for personal use. This bill would not allow the sales or distributions of marijuana.

Voters speak out

So will D.C leaglize right now it hard to say. Even though 70% of D.C. residents voted to legalize marijuana during Initiative 71. So far it looks as if D.C. wants to legalize marijuana, but don’t want marijuana sold in dc. So if the laws are changing for having small amount. Where are D.C. residents suppose to get their cannabis if its illegal for sales.

It seem like the goal here is, decriminalization of marijuana without the legalization. I don’t think you could really have one without the other. So far the argument is about marijuana sales, and not wanting shops and dispensary openly selling to the public. Why I am not sure the money gained from sales, could go to improve D.C struggling economy.

Even though 70 percent of D.C residents voted in support,  Still congress is trying to undermined the black vote in D.C.  Congress thinks legalization would have a negative impact in D.C. When it comes to how communities interact with police. Congress don’t want police to seem as if there losing power or control, But that’s one of the main problem all around the country.  Police have forgotten about major problem and focus to many resources on minor offenses. While your stopping me for a dime bag of weed you just wasted time, that you could be spending actually protecting the community.

No More Search & Arrest

initiative 71 was put together by D.C Cannabis Campaign, They made sure to highlight to D.C. residents how marijuana laws were put in place to harass and arrest residents. Marijuana gives police a reason for probable cause to search your car home or person. So if its decimalized, they would need more solid evidence for a search. Right know they can simply say I smell weed in your car, home or person, So I have to search it. If marijuana is legalized they would actually have to do work, meaning finding sufficient evidence for real crimes, and putting people who actually deserve it in jail.

Also if marijuana is fully legalized in D.C. or any other town for that matter. That would be the end of law enforcement grants for marijuana enforcement. Currently law enforcement departments receive grants from the government based on marijuana arrest. More money is spent on marijuana arrest and drug rehabilitation than our educational system, Medicaid combined

Studies show that more black are arrested for marijuana in D.C. than white. Even though the demographic is about the same. Marijuana is used by both black and whites, But the money also comes from the arrest and the judicial process, An law makers don’t want to give up their cash cow just yet. So legalizing will stop government grants and department profiting from arrest. Its time for police to find a new source of income the people are not your personal piggy banks.

Initiative 71

Initiative 71 would legalize marijuana use for adults and possession of 2 ounces. A grower would be able to cultivate up to 6 plants. Still the sale of marijuana would remain illegal. There hoping for a separate bill for sales and distribution.

Medical marijuana was legalized in 2010 and D.C. first dispensary opened last year. As of now D.C. has decriminalized the possessions of an ounce. It will be interesting to see what the future of Pot In D.C will be.

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